“Gulabi Mela” was a romantic ode to the vibrant fairs in Sindh during the season of “Cheti-Chand” (Sindhi New Year in the month of April), that brings forth people of different communities, travellers, nomads & gypsies exchanging culture, music and clothing under the rosy shadows of summer. A world where every cell vibrates, where you sing from the heart and the light shines from within.


Mandi's charm lies in the freewheeling manner the story is told, it sheds light on the daily struggles of prostitutes. Even before you think that the drama will lodge you into a sphere with lofty lectures and monotonous lessons about the wrongs done to women, Shyam Benegal offers a witty and clever rev up to the tempo.


We all have a vivid memory of waking up to the smell of fresh mogra that our mothers called for her morning pooja at home. 
The ancients knew the power of mogra / jasmine. The name is Persian. It means “a gift from God.” It is the ancient smell of calm. The cool beauty of the night. The flower only opens after dark, when the sun sets and the temperature drops.
Inspired by the beauty of this redolent flower, We created a line of soothing separates in fine mulmul, handwoven kora chanderi & sheer organza odhanis.


Pitthoo is a reminisce of those humble playthings of another childhood. Of finding beauty in simplicity, rediscovering the core reason why Torani began; making everyday staples for women with a timeless sensibility that winds up the nostalgia of a lifetime.